Being Creatively

Date:     19 March 17h00 – 22 March 14h00

Cost:     R 4 850 pp including shared accommodation

               R 4 000 pp excluding accommodation

All meals and materials included

Strict covid regulations will be followed, limited to 6 retreatants. 

We are thrust into a world not of our own choosing, posing the delicate challenge of intentionally shaping our own lives whilst, at the same time, life inevitably makes a shape out of us. More than ever, the task ahead of us is to try and respond creatively to that which is out of our control. On this retreat you will discover how working with more traditional ceramics can be a way to practice finding beauty in uncertainty & spontaneity.

What the Retreat entails:
The retreat will combine the craft of ceramics, saggar firing and meditative techniques. On Friday evening Jess and Jason will introduce the theme and approach of the retreat. Jess will provide a bit of insight into the historical and cultural context of the craft of ceramics and saggar firing and Jason will guide us into some basic, Zen inspired, meditation. Saturday will be spent making with clay using the pinch pot technique. We will utilise two different types of clay, and be mindful of how each type feels and responds differently in our hands. Jess will bisque fire these pieces overnight. On Sunday we will prepare our saggars using newspaper and various organic combustible materials like eggshells, snake sheds and feathers that we have collected for the workshop. In the evening we will build a fire for our pieces and hand them over to the chance and spontaneity of the fire for the rest of the night. On Monday morning we’ll unpack our work, clean it up and take in the surprising and unpredictable results of our firing. Jason will provide some basic movement and sitting meditations throughout the retreat in order to bring us present to the processes happening within and outside of us.

Jess Merle has been passionate about clay since her first ceramics class in 2010. Her journey with clay continued as she specialised in ceramics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and completed her Masters in 2016. Jess loves being able to share the joys and excitement of the ceramic process, and is especially interested in hands-on, low-tech firing techniques such as saggar firing and pit firing. 

Jason Ross is a psychotherapist with an appreciation for how therapy should not be limited to the traditional consultation process. Jason has a particular interest in merging psychotherapy with Buddhism and existential philosophy.

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