Yoga found me when I was standing at a crossroad in my life. I needed to make urgent lifestyle changes in order to heal, grow and evolve. I decided to do my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in this year of finding a better version of myself. I will always be thankful to Cheryl Lancellas of Devahiti Yoga who had the patience to guide and encourage me on my path as I grew stronger physically, mentally and spiritually.

Yoga has engendered within me an intense responsibility to live in alignment with nature and to encourage people to become the best versions of themselves. It has the power to keep us grounded, focused and accountable, as we become aware of the smallest moments on and off the mat. We find deeper resources of presence, compassion and patience.

This transformative nature of yoga has made me passionate about sharing the asana’s and philosophy of yoga. Through my classes I would love to explore and embrace our shared humanity, as we learn to accept ourselves and the world around us just as it is.

Forever a student of yoga first,

Marrion Clarke