Born in Durban, I Matriculated at Thomas More in Kloof, where I felt supported during my mother’s anti-apartheid and justice work throughout the 1980’s.  I then had an urgent need to travel and explore the world. In-between a series of accidents (motorbike, hit-and-run and skydiving) and working as a camera assistant in film, I found myself in the USA for the greater part of five years. There I became a parachute rigger and an aerial camera assistant and developed a love of being in the air, anyway possible.

I then saw 11 years pass by in the UK where I became a commercial pilot and I gradually transitioned from the film industry to flying. Proud of wearing my non-conformist badge I avoided the mainstream airlines and was fortunate enough to be able to build a little company called Synergy Aviation with a fellow flying instructor; flying charters to small and interesting destinations all over Europe.

Somewhere in the process, perhaps of becoming aware of a calling for home,  both personal and business relationships shifted and I found myself  back in SA flying a few stints for the UN through Africa, trying out the charter scene during the 2010 world cup,  and finally joined the airlines. 

Jason and I met in early 2017.  (I was in therapy at the time, having endured the loss of and witness to a loved one’s suicide). Shortly after, I requested a sabbatical, in order to travel to Nepal and India, which was rejected. So, I flew my 3 months’ notice period and left. As much as I love flying, for now I cannot imagine going back.

I now manage my own moment by moment structure with no procedures or checklists to guide me through – or even to hide in –  but in return, my life has more purpose. Setting up the live-in therapy centre; providing a beautiful space for group therapy, movement, philosophy and events; supporting our local community; while encouraging Jason in his work and being inspired daily by his insight and care for people.  This is the greatest reward of my life.