Carey Would (live simply)

Back in early 2000 my journey began,
in a small humble studio in Johannesburg(an)

I qualified to teach in 2008
200 hours and it’s turned out great!

Life has sent struggles, and hurdles it’s true,
but this path of self-acceptance has helped me get through.

The practice of Mindfulness I hold in great reverence
But never anticipated how much perseverance,
patience, passion and persistence
would be needed to sustain my very own existence.

But here I am,
aware of my full mind.
trying to be kind
to myself and others.
Trying to be the best kind of mother.

Trying and failing and trying again
Because it’s a practice and that’s how it’ll remain.

The skills that I share
I share with great care.
No rushing, no racing.
Join me in embracing
through postures, and panting
philosophy and chanting
this ancient practice of uniting.

“The body shuts down when it has too much to bear; goes its own way quietly inside, waiting for a better time, leaving you numb and half alive.”
Jeanette Winterson

“Over the years people have asked me, in varying forms, how I manage to put my ear to the tracks of human anguish for the greater part of every day without losing all hope? I am often asked questions like, “Don’t you get bored of hearing this?” To that specific question, my reply remains that: the moment I feel bored is the moment I realise I have stopped really listening. Because, if you truly listen to what people have to say, you will be amazed at just how unique and rich their stories are. But if you had asked me this morning if I was tired of this whole being human thing, I would have said yes.

Then Fiona and I had the privilege of a yoga class with Carey Would. Thank you Carey for bringing with you, before the sun could even show itself, the freedom to move beyond ourselves. For a little more than an hour my mat was a small interior Universe and I could greet the day with a bit more courage and understanding of myself.

“Your sense of humour, your own willingness to be vulnerable and your dedication to your practice is good medicine.”
-Jason Ross