Still Life #14: Keeping a Purpose

“It is starting to feel like a sentence” a client told me today. A stark contrast from the relative excitement he felt the week before. The problem with “confinement” is that the hours and days start to merge. The usual impetus, no matter how trivial, to get up in the morning and put on an identity can be easily lost. And, with it, we can start to lose our purpose.

After the initial forced respite from the business of life is over, we might start to crave a need to feel useful. If you are not a medic, a grocer or an officer – this might prove trying. One of the greatest needs we have is to “achieve” something. Our definitions of achievement are very caught up in things we may not have access to at the moment, especially capital gains.

The existentialist in me would like to urge that we all learn to come undone a little bit. Given the absence of our usual distractions, it will teach us something about ourselves.

Even though I’m reluctant to sound like a life coach, if you are fearing for your sanity, I would encourage you to forge some sort of daily routine. We all need to anchor ourselves into something.

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