Still Life #13: “What is this?”

I don’t know too much about David Icke, but he doesn’t strike me as the most lucid public figure. Anyone who believes in a genetically modified hybrid of reptilian-humans poised to take over the planet should be considered with scepticism. Especially if he is talking about science.

Who knows the exact origin of the #virus (yet) or the long-term health risks of #5g. But, what we do know is that the Corona virus is very real. There is definite science behind this.

In Korean #Zen, the practice is to meditate on a specific question: “What is this?” The attitude with which one meditates on this question is not to find a concrete answer, but to keep this kind of curious-questioning alive.

When we ask the question “what is this” in response to Corona, science is fast finding answers. By now there are at least estimates of how long it takes from infection to symptoms; how likely is an infected person going to infect others; or how long it takes from initial symptoms to the need for medical attention.

However, when it comes to #Corona, the question “what is this” needs to be asked more broadly and consistently. What is this vague discomfort that I feel? What is this nervousness about how much wine I still have for #lockdown? Why does the stillness outside wake me up at 2am?

It’s less about the answers and more about staying curious about “what is this #experience I am having” beyond the actual #science.

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