Still Life #12: The Naked Truth

Brene Brown proposes that “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change”. I would add to this that the courage to “be with what is”, is a necessary precursor to vulnerability. In order to be vulnerable, we need to strip ourselves down to the bare truth of things.

This is difficult at the moment, given the layers of anxiety we might be trying to avoid. We are likely to sooth ourselves on a count down. 9 more days. But, even if we come out of lockdown (for economic reasons) it would be unwise to go back to business as usual.

To be vulnerable means to appreciate that our lives will be different for the next 18months (at least). To be vulnerable means to be willing to change our lives forever. If to be vulnerable means innovation, creativity and change; then to be vulnerable requires us to reflect on how we live. The tighter we hold on to how things have been, the more anxious we will continue to be. The less innovative we will become.

To be vulnerable requires an openness to re-evaluating how we school our children; earn our money; grow our food; treat our elderly; care for the sick.

To be vulnerable means I no longer see the homeless, the poor, the old, the foreign as living in a separate world to me.

To be vulnerable is to have the courage to see things as they are.

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