Still Life #8: United in Fear

Corona virus has become the great revealer of what we are, merely human. It is the great leveller. It knows no boundaries. Borders, class, religions, education’s or any other means will not keep it at bay. It unites us through our shared fears.

I didn’t join Fi on the apocalyptic shopping spree. I didn’t want to face the hauntingly empty streets. Buddhists talk about Dukkha “that which is hard to face”. I spend my days focusing on other people’s fears so I don’t have to deal with my own. But, this time, it’s hard to hide my own fallibility. It’s impossible to deny that we’re all in this together. There are no experts. I only have a few guesses. We will lockdown longer than we would like. But, we will rely on one another for the answers. Death teaches us things about ourselves. We’re looking at it in the face.

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