About Untwisted

Untwisted is dedicated to a pragmatic and secular approach to life, its pleasures and its struggles. We have no interest in pathologizing the human experience. We are devoted to enduring, embracing and making the most of this incomprehensible existence.


Therapy is aimed at mapping out where we are in our lives. The past we have come from, the present we are living and a potential future.  It is a place for insight into who and why we are; as well as an editing suit for what we wish to become.

The Centre for Purposeful Living

Determined to make the most of our rotations around the sun, we wish to live as consciously and purposeful as possible.  We believe in the therapeutic value of conversation; in the joy of movement; the freedom of sexuality and the privilege of human consciousness.  We have established The Centre for Purposeful Living as homage to this.

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