Confessions of a Love Addict

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I don’t think you can plan a life. I became a psychologist by mistake. I had actually planned to be an artist of sorts. Maybe, in some ways, I still am an artist. I hope so. What I do requires the ability to spontaneously respond to each person’s struggles, authentically. That’s surely done best when seen as an art form? […]

Relationships are Therapy: Part 3 #Boundaries & Vulnerability

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“I think you’re very fluid with your boundaries!” That’s what my last therapist told me, his eyes following mine as I tried to look away, him steadily patting the miniature pinscher on his lap.   At first I wanted to take it as a compliment but the emphasis on “very” made me realise that he actually meant “overly”. Boundaries are one of […]

Never mind global warming, what about love?

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Never mind global warming.  There is a far more immediate crisis.  Bald eagles, striped hyenas, snow geese and the rest of their monogamous counterparts are growing increasingly disillusioned by human attempts at paired breeding.  What they don’t realise is that us humans have a tendency to gravely overcomplicate our lives with grand utopian ideals.  The very concept of monogamy and […]