Mindful Living Practice


I first sat on a meditation cushion 21 years ago.  Since then,  whenever I have managed to find the time and the courage to come back to the cushion, I have found irrefutable value in the practice of mindfulness.  I have, therefore, decided to include meditation into therapy.  Sessions start with theory on the meeting place between Western Psychology, Existential Theory and Secular Buddhism.  We then sit for some guided meditation, aimed at a particular aspect of practice. We end off the sessions with questions and group reflection.

The ultimate goal of any therapeutic endeavour is to develop insight and awareness. For this reason, mindfulness has become increasingly popular as a therapeutic tool, but it is most useful when practiced regularly and as part of the overall philosophical approach it originally developed from.

If you are interested in mindfulness as a way of addressing any concerns that you are having (addiction, depression, anxiety, frustration, anger) we are excited to announce that we finally have the space to guide this practice.

Weekly sessions will address the techniques, psychology and philosophy of cultivating mindfulness in relation to modern day living. Session will include time for therapeutic group reflection.