Re-imagening Addiction

Mindfulness Based Group Therapy

Imagine “addiction” was not a disease. Imagine “addiction” was an example of how craving and attachment can go wrong in our lives. Imagine addiction was a reflection of what it means to be human. Imagine “addiction” was nothing but a poor attempt to solve a problem in our lives. Imagine if there were ways of solving this problem that didn’t mean feeling guilt or shame, needing to punish yourself or being judged by others for “being an addict”. Imagine if the solution to addiction lay in understanding the problem we have been trying to solve through our addictive behaviour.

What we have come to call “addiction” can be any behaviour that a person craves, sometimes uncontrollably, because it provides temporary relief and pleasure but inevitably leads to long-term pain. In all the cases I have ever worked with, addictive behaviours serve to betray who and how we actually would prefer to be. This Weekly Group Therapy Program will support you in not letting addiction define who you are by getting in touch with what it is that you might be medicating.  This will involve some basic discussions on what addiction really is; some “sitting practice” (meditation); followed by group reflection.

The ongoing group will meet Mondays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  All are welcome: whether you are struggling with eating behaviours, addiction to certain thoughts and emotions, sexual behaviour, online habits, substances or even attachment to bad relationships.


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